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Your Safety is Our Concern

             An important message from the CEO of Corporate Wear Pty Ltd to our customers.

     We want to show we understand the recent issues in some parts of the             world with needles and other sharp objects being placed in consumer                goods and food.

    Your safety,and your children’s safety is important to us and always has             been, so the uniforms we supply are always packaged without the use of pins     and needles, this is to reduce any injury risk when you open and use.

   We also have access and use utilise professional Japanese metal detection      machines to confirm that there is no metal pins and needles contained in our      products. I think this can be very re-assuring to you.


     The process we use is to first place sample pin into the machine and confirm the sensitivity detection is correct, and then we then pass through each of the uniforms as completed and bagged ready for customer shipping (Figure 1 &2).


Figure 1. Metal detection machine scanning uniforms.

Figure 2. Shorts uniform being placed ready for metal scan.




Our manufacture is also very advanced, and we don’t use pins at all to hold the pattern to fabric, or fabric together for sewing. This is also good for our staff and workers safety.

Should you require any further information please email us on

This aligns with our corporate mission – To have happy and satisfied customers.




Release Dated: 15 October 2018

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