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Always offer many services through various service channels in order to support the needs of the customer in the best way.


 Customer Service Center

  • Hotline 1     : (84 8) 38 152 204
  • Hotline 1     : (84 8) 38 152 209


Customer Service

Our primary objective is to meet the needs of the customer and provide a beautiful, functional and quality uniform. Along with that we have a custom design style service. This has been enthusiastically taken up by the most trusted customers which require specialised design development. Corporate Wear professional designers always meet the fashion needs of our customers.We like to ensure we have close customer interaction. This personalised interaction means we can add value to the customer s needs, and ensures the we clearly understand the customer s needs and requirements.In a typical customer interaction, we would seek to understand the fabric, and design required, provide pricing options including local, air, or sea freight, create a design and order specification (if the customer does not have one existing), create and ship a sample product for review, have the customer confirm approve the design and order specification, notify of shipping date, and confirm delivery and acceptance.

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